disney13.jpgDisney dumbly doubled Teflon Bob’s pay to $24.9 million last year. To me, that’s a shitload of money to give someone who hated Desperate Housewives and Lost, the two shows that finally turned around ABC after 10 years of failure. According to a regulatory filing today, the Walt Disney Co. forked over to CEO Iger $2 million in salary, a $15 million bonus, $2.92 million in options, long-term pay of $4.3 million and $666,000 in other compensation. Back when he was prez, Iger made $12.7 million. OK, I guess factored into the new pay is that Disney profit rose 33% last year and its stock price reached a new 52-week high today of $35.21, a 46% increase since Iger was upped in October 2005. In that time, Disney fixed ABC, had some movie hits, bought Pixar, and began selling TV shows and films on Apple’s iTunes. (On the other hand, Iger still has Mickey Mouse’s Karl Rove — she-devil Zenia Mucha — working for him.) So how does Iger’s pay stack up against other overpaid Big Media CEOs? Dick Parsons/Time Warner: $16 million in 2005. Philippe Dauman/Viacom: $21 million. In case you were wondering, Eisner made $10.3 mil in his last year as CEO after years and years of stuffing his pockets with Disney über-compensation.