SUNDAY UPDATE: The Beckhams have arrived in Los Angeles. No, TomKat did not meet them at the airport. Creative Artists Agency first introduced them two years ago. Then they and their wives became pals. Now Tom Cruise convinced David Beckham to move to Los Angeles and accept the Galaxy’s $250 mil, 5-year deal (as if that kind of money for a washed-up soccer player isn’t reason enough). Beckham specifically said yesterday at a news conference that two late-night phone chats with Cruise helped seal his decision to move here. ”I phoned him and said there might be an announcement,” Beckham said yesterday in a satellite link-up from Madrid. ”Obviously, I’d asked him for his advice as well because he’s a very wise man; he’s a very good friend of mine.”To have his experience and to have him explain some things to me to be prepared for, that’s a big favor But he couldn’t speak any higher than what he was saying about LA. And that’s going to be a big help for us, to have friends actually when we arrive in LA.” (There’s also all sorts of Scientology speculation out there, but I’ll leave that to others. I’m not even sure why I posted any of this at all, but I found it mildly interesting.)