lost.jpgI love that ABC Entertainment prez Steve McPherson suffered major heartburn when the Lost executive producers announced an end game to the TV Critics Association (TCA). Saying that X Files is their “cautionary tale” of a series that ran too long, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof took on McPherson by announcing a pull-the-plug date of four seasons plus one mini-season. In the hallway after the panel, Lindelof said he’d cap the series at 100 episodes: since it’s now in its 3rd season, that’s 5 total. But is this just a negotiating ploy? The show’s actor contracts continue through the 7th season. There’s been a lot of fan anger this year because Lost keeps coming, and going, and coming, and going, on the ABC schedule. Apparently, McPherson was having lunch when he first heard about the producers’ comments — and admitted he didn’t know they were coming.