Everyone’s talking today about A.O. “Tony” Scott’s rave review in The New York Times (published in tomorrow’s edition) of Clint’s Letters From Iwo Jima. “Utterly original… strikingly intimate… close to perfect.” It’s also, in part, a re-review of Flags Of Our Father as seen within the context of both pics simultaneously. This will have a huge impact on Academy members. But, even though it’s still way too early to prognosticate accurately (despite all the useless Oscar punditry out in the blogosphere already), I don’t believe the review seals the deal for Iwo Jima‘s Best Picture — yet. There is no doubt that this movie firmly establishes Clint as Hollywood’s greatest living filmmaker right now, head and shoulders above everyone else. As to whether anyone needs to give him a statuette yet again to prove that — well, understandably, he may run up against some share-the-wealth and let-someone-else-have-a-shot sentiment. The Academy is just jealous like that.