Shame, shame, shame on Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and their distributor MGM’s Harry Sloan, for opening a holiday-themed slasher movie on Christmas Day. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the ads and release date for Black Christmas from Dimension/MGM. The promos even make fun of “people who express outrage” as well as the plot’s body count. And the entertainment industry wonders why it continues to have a huge PR problem as promoters of garbage? Showbiz marketing calls this counter-programming. Still, I don’t understand: just how many disturbed human beings does The Weinstein Company and MGM think actually want to go see a gory movie on December 25th — specifically, a remake of a 1974 horror flick in which a college sorority house is terrorized by a psycho who makes frightening phone calls and murders the girls during the holiday break. Is the intended audience supposed to be non-Christians? Really, investors in The Weinstein Company, and MGM, need to protest this deplorable decision. It should be noted that, in 2003, the Weinsteins made Bad Santa, a distasteful comedy which at least wasn’t released on Christmas Day. Among the few other Christmas-themed slasher movies (none released on December 25th) were little-seen Santa Claws (1996), and Santa’s Slay (2005, Lionsgate) and 1984’s Silent Night, Deadly Night, released by TriStar and so repugnant that it prompted protests at theaters where it was shown. Unfortunately, the latter did big box office and spawned 4 sequels. Moviegoers, don’t let this happen again.