I’m told, for this weekend, Fox’s Harry Potter clone Eragon is tracking “strong” with boys, and Paramount’s Babe-like Charlotte’s Web “strong” with girls, while Sony’s Forrest Gump feel-good flick, The Pursuit of Happyness, nightatthemuseumbig21.jpglooks to draw both sexes and all ages because of subject matter and starrer Will Smith. Certainly Web has the theater count advantage — 3,566 compared to Eragon‘s 3,020 and Pursuit‘s 2,852. Predictions are Pursuit and Eragon with $20+ million, and Web in high teens. Warner’s The Good German platforms in five theaters, and Paramount/Dreamworks’ Dreamgirls in three venues. Box office gurus tell me it’s “usually not a good sign” that Apocalypto has been dropping each weekday — Mon $1.5 mil, Tues $1.3 mil, Wed $1.2 mil, and Thurs. But, looking at the weekend of December 22nd, tracking shows that Fox’s Night at the Museum could be the big moneymaker among movies released right around Christmas. Pics should finish in this order that weekend: Museum, followed by Rocky Balboa (MGM, which moved up its release date), We Are Marshall (Warner) and The Good Shepherd (Universal).