joebobbriggs.JPGI knew him in Texas when he was just plain John Bloom. But there was a time when Bloom, as alter ego Joe Bob Briggs, was the god of B (as in bad, blood and boobs) movies as the first drive-in film critic. Now Bloom is telling people he’s working to start up a new cable TV network called “Redrum” that’ll be the first 24-hour cable network devoted to horror, suspense and thrillers. (He claims to be “the acting head of programming.”) I can’t find any info on this start-up anywhere. Problem is, someone already thought of it. Comcast, Sony and Lionsgate launched FearNet on October 31st — targeting 18- to 34-year-olds with films and other attractions on a multimedia platform (on-demand TV channel, website and cellphones). FearNet will offer Comcast digital customers horro shorts and trailers and about 70 hours of movies a month from the studios’ combined libraries. (Sony and Lionsgate together have more than 1,000 horror titles, about half from major studios.) Comcast, which won’t charge for the films — they’ll be supported by ads — will offer FearNet to other cable operators, for a fee. Joe Bob Briggs is still reviewing low-budget movies, still writing a column, still doing books (Profoundly Erotic: Sexy Movies That Changed History is the latest) and still trying his hand at acting. Most recently, he’s been in and around Palm Beach County in Florida playing a crazed mountain man vs feral hogs in Hogzilla. Still, Bloom should bring back his once coveted Hubcap Awards, or “Hubbys,” which included categories from Best Kung Fu to Breast Actress before they were discontinued in 1995. After all, if Dick Clark and NBC can lend respectability to the long discredited Hollywood Foreign Press Association, then anything’s possible.