dreamgirls-2006.jpgSo David Carr, Oscar blogger in The New York Times, today accuses his Left Coast rival, the Los Angeles Times and its awards sycophantic The Envelope, of cozying up to Dreamgirls to curry favor with David Geffen because he’s bid to buy the paper. First, you’ve got to know that Carr was complaining in the newsroom the other day that his attempts to stir up controversy haven’t been picked up by other websites, so this appears to be yet another, even bolder, try. So I wouldn’t take his salvo very seriously since not even Carr takes his own blog seriously. (Or so he’s also told the newsroom. Which is a pity, given the prominence of his forum.) geffen101.jpgThat said, everyone knows The Envelope sucks up to every film and filmmaker and studio, so where’s the out-of-the-ordinary in that? But, c’mon, Carr himself already bestowed (to my bewilderment) the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars on Dreamgirls in his own blog posting on November 16th. True, he tries to make light of that today, but he predicted back then “that Dreamgirls will become the film that ate the 79th Annual Academy awards. Best Picture? Settled. Directing? Done.” And so on. I, for one, was embarrassed for Carr when he wrote that the morning after he saw the movie, since I knew he’d wind up ruing those words in just a matter of weeks. The fact is no one right now has a clue about the Best Picture or Best Director winner, especially since Academy voters have yet to screen some of the top contenders. So all this prognosticating nonsense on the blogosphere — Carr’s and others’ — is just so much artifice for the purpose of a) filling up space 2) getting attention and 3) attracting advertising. Far be it from me to criticize media bomb-throwers re Hollywood, but, before you dislocate that shoulder, at least make sure you’ve got accurate aim.