geffen10.jpgFrom LAObserved which was on scene: Patrick Goldstein and John Horn of the LAT, and Sharon Waxman and Laura Holson of the NYT, talked entertainment journalism last night at a Zócalo talkfest at the Central Library downtown. There was an interesting difference of opinion over David Geffen. The LAT men agreed that Geffen might be the best buyer for the embattled Los Angeles Times, with Goldstein offering that “this is a man who has always been associated with quality work.” Waxman pushed back, arguing that Geffen is a man Hollywood fears: “He holds a grudge. He gets even.” Goldstein stuck to his guns, even though he acknowledged that Geffen once went five years without talking to him and “can put a lot of negative energy into people.” Waxman concluded that the LAT staff is so battered by years of Tribune Co. mishandling that, “They’ll take a flawed knight.”