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December 2006 Archive

Box Office

'Dreamgirls' & Damon/DeNiro Heat Up New Year's Box Office; Ben #1, Will #2, Beyonce #3 And 'Good Shepherd' #4

MONDAY AM: Wishing you a joyous New Year, and better quality movies at the box office. (Oh yeah, as if that’s gonna happen. Read my LA Weekly column about 2007’s orgy of sequels coming to a megaplex near you.) At the box office there was very little “new” about the Top 10 movies since all were holdouts. So this 4-day weekend is really about the studios optimizing their heavily marketed assets and getting the most $$$ out of the holiday moviegoing frame. “The rich get… Read

DHD Update

Sorry that posting has been light this past week due to computer problems. Site will return to normal after January 1st. DHD is closing in on 6 million page views!  Read

Box Office

$3.3 Million Worth Of Christmas Shame

Oh, by the way, MGM/Dimension’s slasher pic Black Christmas did $3.3 mil in 1,278 theaters. You may remember I was apoplectic when I saw the Christmas Day release date, and the promos making fun of “people who express outrage.” I urged investors in The Weinstein Company, and MGM, to protest this deplorable decision. Previous: Read

Box Office

Top 10 Christmas 4-Day Weekend Films

Here are the 4-day Christmas weekend totals, since you’ve been asking: #1 Fox’s Night At The Museum $43.4 million) (12.8 mil Monday) #2 Sony’s Pursuit Of Happyness $23.1 mil) ($8.1 mil Monday) #3 MGM’s Rocky Balboa $17.6 mil) ($5.3 mil Monday) #4 Universal’s The Good Shepherd $14.3 mil) ($4.3 mil Monday) #5 Paramount’s Charlotte’s Web $9.8 mil) ($2.1 mil Monday) #6 Fox’s Eragon $9.4 mil) ($2.4 mil Monday) #7 Paramount/Dreamworks’ Dreamgirls $9.0 mil) ($8.7 mil Monday) #8… Read

Box Office

Dreamgirls Scores $8.7 Million Surprise, 3rd Best Christmas Day Box Office Ever

TUESDAY AM UPDATE: Well, the answer to whether Dreamgirls could do crossover biz has been answered now that it did a whopping $8.7 million from only 852 theaters on Christmas Day. The movie scored 2nd place among the holiday’s top films (even though many were playing in 3,000+ and 2,500+ venues). Its new cume is $9.6 mil. On Monday, it made over $10K per screen average. Paramount is telling me this is the 3rd best Christmas Day box office on record ever. (Catch Me If You… Read

Box Office

Ben's 'Museum' Holds #1 Holiday Wkd; Will's 'Pursuit' No. 2, Sly's 'Rocky' No. 3

TUESDAY AM UPDATE: Dreamgirls Scores $8.7 Million Surprise, 3rd Best Xmas Day Box Office Ever Top 10 Xmas 4-Day Wkd Films Ben Stiller’s comic hit Night At The Museum gave Fox a Christmas gift by opening as the No. 1 movie this weekend with $12.1 million Fri / $12.5 mil Sat / $6 mil Sun to top the box office. Its 3-day pre-Christmas weekend take was $30.6 million. This four-quadrant comedy in 3,685 theaters tracked as the movie to beat for weeks, despite only so-so… Read

FCC vs CBS: No To Janet's Super Nudity

The FCC late today defended its decision to fine 20 CBS owned and operated television stations $550,000 for airing that Janet Jackson boob shot. According to Reuters, the agency said in a brief filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit it rejected CBS’s argument that her role in the 2004 Superbowl halftime show didn’t violate decency standards. I, for one, still can’t believe CBS’ lawyers are trying to claim it didn’t know about this in advance when MTV’s… Read

NYT vs LAT Over Geffen's 'Dreamgirls'

So David Carr, Oscar blogger in The New York Times, today accuses his Left Coast rival, the Los Angeles Times and its awards sycophantic The Envelope, of cozying up to Dreamgirls to curry favor with David Geffen because he’s bid to buy the paper. First, you’ve got to know that Carr was complaining in the newsroom the other day that his attempts to stir up controversy haven’t been picked up by other websites, so this appears to be yet another, even bolder, try. So I wouldn… Read

Box Office

'Museum' Matinees 'Very Good' Today; Forecast No. 1 Ben, #2 Will, #3 Sly(?)

FRIDAY AM: Fox’s new Night At The Museum starring Ben Stiller is scoring “very good” matinees today playing in 3,685 theaters, I’m told. It’s certain to be the No. 1 movie at the box office this weekend since it’s a four-quadrant pic (meaning it’s aimed at everyone). MGM’s Rocky Balboa made $3.4 mil for Thursday, a drop of -45% the day after its $6.2 mil Wed opening. Cume now is $9.6 mil. This weekend, Sly may need a lucky punch to finish #3 even though the… Read

Now MTV Ruins Rolling Stone Mag's Rep

As if the series starring Seventeen magazine aspirants verbally abusing one another wasn’t embarrassing enough, here’s the video promo for the new MTV reality show that kicks off January 7th and promises some actual violence: “I’m From Rolling Stone”. Oh, and just look at this photo from the icky gee-whiz Rolling Stone website about the show, complete with video interviews. Could these kids be any more stereotyped? One is “self-sabotaging”; another wants to “shed his… Read

Vet Lawsuit Against Michael Moore Tossed

According to Reuters, a U.S. federal judge in Boston has thrown out a lawsuit by an Iraq war veteran who claimed filmmaker Michael Moore used the veteran’s image without permission in Fahrenheit 9/11. Judge Douglas Woodlock of U.S. District Court in Massachusetts dismissed the suit on Wednesday. It had sought $35 million in damages from Moore, as well as Miramax. The film showed Iraq war veteran Sgt. Peter Damon, who had lost his right arm near the shoulder and much of… Read

Remember Joe Bob Briggs, B-Movie Fan: Did He Miss The FearNet Boat?

I knew him in Texas when he was just plain John Bloom. But there was a time when Bloom, as alter ego Joe Bob Briggs, was the god of B (as in bad, blood and boobs) movies as the first drive-in film critic. Now Bloom is telling people he’s working to start up a new cable TV network called “Redrum” that’ll be the first 24-hour cable network devoted to horror, suspense and… Read