Hot1J.JPGThis is a needed feature I’m starting for Saturdays: my round-up of what’s new and hot in entertainment from Village Voice Media alternative newspapers across the country. Trust these alt-weeklies to know about the best or worst stuff first. Every week, check out the links to movie, music, video game and TV-related articles and reviews in the VVM alt-weeklies located in Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Nashville, Kansas City, St. Louis, Orange County (CA) & Broward/Palm Beach County (FL).

Hot2J.JPGMOVIES: Recently Reviewed — Borat, Stranger Than Fiction, A Good Year, Fur, Fragments, The Magic Gloves, Volver, Babel, ClimatesSaw III, Running With ScissorsSanta Clause 3, Death Of A PresidentCatch A Fire, ShortbusThe PrestigeFlags Of Our Fathers, Marie Antoinette, The Departed, Copying BeethovenDeliver Us From EvilRiding Alone for Thousands of Miles, Infamous, Man of the Year, The Last King Of ScotlandThe U.S. vs. John Lennon, Catch A Fire, Pittsburgh, Purvis of Overtown, Night of the White Pants, The Shoe Fairy, Things That Hang From Trees, Joni’s Promise, The Queen, Shark Park: The Heaviest Wave in CaliforniaTen ‘Til Noon

Also: Talking To Her: At Home With Penélope Cruz. Crispin Hellion Glover: The Interview. The Meat Of The Matter: Richard Linklater maps out his Fast Food Nation. Missing The Ex Factor: AFI remembers the past, neglects the present. Dixie Chicks Doc: Behind-The-Scenes of Shut Up & Sing. Astoria Stayin’ Alive: It’s always Saturday night in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Jigsaw Puzzle: How Saw‘s Tobin Bell prepares to scare the crap out of you. Flag Raiser: Adam Beach enters the spotlight. Thousand Dollar Baby: The modestly budgeted Boxers follows amateur women fighters into the ring. Blood From Stones: The diamond cartel’s campaign against Leo’s upcoming movie gets dirty. Last Orgasm In Hollywood: Movie sex, dirty and clean, through the ages. Nothing Like A Dame: Helen Mirren takes on The Queen. Cash And Carrey: Jim firing his agent is juicier than Entourage.

Hot3J.JPGTV: Friday Night Lights On Or Off: The fight for a TV show about truth, justice and high school football. Haven’t I seen You Before?: It’s fall replacement time at the networks — send in the clones. Battle Of The Network Stars: It’s East Coast 30 Rock against the West Coast heavyweights of Studio 60. That 70’s Show: Saturday Night Live in the post-Tina Fey/YouTube unknown. Oh Danny Boy: Breaking Bonaduce – again. It’s Ugly Out There: Networks throw mad money, but catch only two beauties. Killing Them SoftlyDexter, on Showtime. Sex And The Antigirl: Anne Heche finds Men in Trees who like real women. Reality TV Goes Savage: From freak shows to freak accidents to freakin’ mayhem.

Hot4J.JPGMUSIC: Dirty Reggae: The Aggrolites play ska as Jah intended. Private EnemyTwo New York rappers dreamed of stardom/MF Doom got it/MF Grimm didn’t. Mass Marketing: Wide release and a new label have Common Market poised to conquer new lands. Hellogoodbye: Indie dance-poppers — punker than Home Depot. Dashboard Confessional: Chris Carrabba offers his guide to soul-baring. Citizen Beck: Coming to terms. Rio Return: Hungry no longer, Duran Duran finds life appetizing again. Where’s The Love?: After breaking with Rock Ridge, Love.45 is back to basics. Queen Of Blackhearts: Joan Jett wants “a fair shot” for Sinner. Born To Bruise: Jolie Holland takes it to the river. Brash Melodies: Charalambides comes home. Jello Biafra Shots: Paranoid Punk prose. Avant-Garde The Border: Wall Of Sound. Who Is Mick Jones?: The Clash and Carbon/Silicon guitarist talks about life after Joe. Sailing The Seas Of YsJoanna Newsom is nobody’s pixie, sprite, bear, fairy, or folk freak.

Hot5J.JPGVideo Games: Scarface: Slinging yayo is the name of the game. Gears Of War: A Bipartisan Learning Tool In A Post-Apocalyptic World? Dead Rising: The Zombie Zeitgeist. Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Remembering the Halcyon Days of Youth. Bully: Controversial Game Revisits Horrors of High School. Shadow Of The Colossus: The future of gaming. Attention Ball Lickers: Gaming guides come of age.