I heard about this around 5 pm today, then tried to find out details why threatened ex-journalist Anita Busch (and her lawyers) decided to include the ex-CAA chairman and ex-Disney president in her civil lawsuit against Anthony Pellicano and others for directing, organizing, commanding, employing and/or hiring individuals to engage in what is only generally described as “unlawful and tortious conduct”. When no details were forthcoming, I waited to post because I think news like this needs details. But the Los Angeles Times, without getting any details either, put the news on its website tonight. So there you have it. There isn’t really much more to say now (though I have a myriad thoughts about this, obviously). In the meantime, for background on Busch, and what happened to her, here’s my LA Weekly column from June 23, 2005, headlined Requiem For Anita Busch.