Here’s what interests me — well, more like confuses me — about the Pam Anderson/Kid Rock Borat bust-up: This happened at Ron Meyer’s home? Whaaaat? (By the way, Page Six says it took place at the Universal COO’s house in Beverly Hills. Everyone else knows he lives in Malibu.) My question is this: Why in the world were those two losers included among the 20 VIPs on what’s supposed to be a triple-A screening list? The explanation is rather ordinary: Anderson is a friend of a Meyer neighbor, who asked the studio mogul if Pam and Kid Rock could come over for the screening because new hubby hadn’t seen new bride in Borat yet. The way Page Six made it sound, there was a screaming match in the middle of Meyer’s screening room. Wrong. None of the guests knew anything happened — just that the couple left before the movie ended.