OK, here’s the latest tracking news from my gurus: 007’s Casino Royale which is getting good reviews, is “getting to be huge” for Sony/MGM. But Warner Bros.’ Happy Feet “still has the family seasonal edge.” Anyway, it’s too close to call between them for who’ll be on top the weekend of November 16th. For Thanksgiving weekend, Disney / Buena Vista’s Deja Vu looks big for Tony Scott directing Denzel Washington in another Jerry Bruckheimer actioner. After that, Fox’s Deck the Halls, New Line’s Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny with Jack Black, and Oscar-touted Bobby from Emilio Estevez and MGM/The Weinstein Co., will all go the way of their own niche market. For December 1st, only The Nativity Story, New Line’s bid for The Passion Of The Christ audience, is tracking in the middle of the country.