babymumbles.jpgSUNDAY AM: Happy T-Bird weekend, and get out of the way for the mall stampede as shoppers try to score one of the hottest toys this holiday season: Happy Feet‘s Baby Mumbles, on sale for $29.99, which tap dances to any type of music playing. Ah, the commercialism of Xmas! A big moviegoing weekend it has been — with the top 3 films estimated to do $160 million from Friday through Sunday, and $220 mil from Wednesday through Sunday. (But that’s still -5% from last year because of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.) Welcome to déjà vu at the box office. On Thanksgiving Day, Bond traded places with the birds to become America’s #1 movie after the penguins triumphed on the T-Bird weekend opener. It was a replay of last weekend on Friday, however: Happy Feet waddling past Casino Royale to be the No. 1 movie thanks to huge kiddie matinees. dejavu.jpg(That is, if you can even hear the movie above the din of all that whining, “I wanna Baby Mumbles!”) Screening in 3,804 theaters, those Warner penguins made another $7.3 million Wed, $6 mil Thurs, $15.7 Fri, $14.3 mil Sat, for what was a $38.1 mil three-day weekend and a $51.5 mil five-day holiday and a cume over $100.7 million by Monday. Sony/MGM’s 007 flick in 3,443 playdates raked in $6.5 mil Wed, $7.5 mil Thurs, $13.1 mil Fri, $11.8 mil Sat, and had a $31 mil three-day weekend and a $45.1 mil five-day holiday and a new cume of $94.2 mil. Still, the 007 pic won Week One in the U.S. and is doing Da Vinci Code-like biz in all 50 countries where it opened No. 1. There were 18 new international debuts this week – all #1 including France, Germany, Spain, and Scandinavia — earning $66.2 mil foreign. Casino Royale looks like the biggest Bond ever worldwide, passing $224.5 mil this weekend ($128.2 overseas + $94.2 U.S. cume) with many major foreign territories still to go, including Japan, Korea, Italy and Australia. Box office gurus say Daniel Craig will easily blow past Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day and its $432 mil previous biggest global take. casinoroyale_danielcraig.jpgAnd my guess is that the spy vs spy news coming out of Britain and Russia will only help Casino Royale‘s foreign haul. It also beat back direct action competition from the opening of Deja Vu, that Jerry Bruckheimer prod with Denzel Washington looking especially fine (and fine he is). Disney / Buena Vista’s action-thriller debuted in 3,108 theaters and took 3rd place with $3.6 mil Wed, $4.6 mil Thurs, $8.1 mil Fri, $8 mil Sat, for what was a healthy 3-day total of $20.4 mil and 5-day total of $28.6 mil. The Fox Xmas opener Deck the Halls with Matthew Broderick & Danny DeVito, and playing in 3,205 theaters, grabbed hold of No. 4. It earned $2 mil Wed, $2.8 mil Thurs, $4.9 mil Fri, $4.6 mil Sat, for a $12 mil for the three-day weekend and $16.9 mil for the five-day holiday. Even its fourth week out, Fox’s Borat continues raking in the bucks from 2,552 playdates, making $2.4 mil Wed, $2.5 mill Thurs, $4.4 mil Friday, $4 mil Sat, to stay in 5th place for another $10.3 mil three-day weekend and $16 mil five-day holiday and new cume around $109.2 mil. In 6th place was Disney’s Tim Allen and Martin Short starrer, Santa Clause 3, in 3,042 playdates, made $1.7 mil Wed, $2.1 mil Thurs, $4.1 mil Fri, $3.9 mil Sat, bobby.jpgfor what was a $10.1 mil three-day weekend and a $14 mil five-day holiday for a cume around $67.4 mil. Three-week holdover Stranger than Fiction, Sony’s Will Ferrell starrer, took 7th, earning $1.1 mil Wed, $1.3 mil Thurs, $2.4 mil Fri, $2.2 mil Sat, for a $6 mil three-day weekend $8.4 mil five-day holiday and a new cume of $32.8 mil. Fading after 4 weeks out, Paramount / Dreamworks’ Flushed Away took 8th place, taking in $1 mil Wed, $820K Thurs, $2.4 mil Fri, $2.2 mil Sat, for what was a $5.8 mil three-day weekend and an $7.6 mil five-day holiday and a new cume close to $57.3 mil. The surprise was Emilo Estevez’ Oscar-touted No. 9 Bobby which expanded its theater count from two to 1,667 and took in $1.2 mil Thurs, $1.9 mil Fri, $1.8 mil Sat, for what was a $4.8 mil three-day weekend and a $6.1 mil five-day holiday. Another newcomer, in the 10th spot, was Warner’s sci-fi drama The Fountain in 1,472 playdates, earning $1.4 mil Wed, $860K Thurs, $1.4 mil Fri, $1.4 mil Sat, for what was a $3.6 mil three-day weekend and $5.3 mil five-day total. New Line opened Jack Black’s Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny to lousy business; it dropped from 7th to 10th to out of the Top 10 entirely. black.JPGPlaying in 1,919 theaters, it earned $1.2 mil Wed, but only $825K Thurs, $1.2 mil Fri, $1.1 mil Sat, for what was a terrible $3.1 mil three-day weekend and $5.2 mil five-day holiday. Paramount Vantage’s Babel continues its steady biz; playing in 902 theaters, it earned $297K Wed, $328K Thurs, $742K Fri, and $774K Sat for a $1.9 mil three-day weekend and $2.5 mil five-day holiday Holdover for a new cume of $15.1 mil. Holdover WIP’s For Your Consideration: playing in 623 theaters, it made $293K Wed, $370K Thurs, $788K Fri, $710 mil Sat, for what was a $1.9 mil three-day weekend and a $2.6 mil five-day total, or a $3.1 mil cume.  The only other opener this weekend was Fox Searchlight’s The History Boys: playing in 7 venues, it earned $36K Fri and $38K Sat, for a $98K three-day weekend and a $130K five-day holiday. (Keep refreshing for the latest weekend figures, which include Sunday estimates.)