bondprepar.jpg007 so far is doing Da Vinci Code-like biz in all 50 countries where it’s opened No. 1 (except the U.S. where it opened No. 2). There were 18 new international debuts for Casino Royale (in Paris theater, at left) this week – all #1, including France, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia. So far, that’s an overseas total of $66.2 mil from this weekend’s haul — the 6th biggest international weekend of 2006. Last week, the spy pic was #1 in all 27 countries where it opened, earning $42.2 mil from the UK, Russia, India and small territories in the Mideast and Asia. (Last week, it scored the #9 all-time UK opening, and the biggest Bond opening ever in the UK by 46%.) Right before the debut weekend, Sony Pictures was lowering expectations for Casino Royale in the U.S. and counting more on foreign sales. The studio was right: the pic now looks like the biggest Bond ever worldwide, moving up from $82.8 mil last weekend to easily passing $224.5 mil this weekend (including the $128.2 mil foreign and $94.2 mil U.S. cume) with many major foreign territories still to go, including Japan, Korea, Italy and Australia. casinoroyale_danielcraig.jpgBox office gurus say Daniel Craig will easily blow past the biggest grosser in the Pierce Brosnan series, 2002’s Die Another Day, and its $432 mil global take. Estimate is for Casino Royale to make as much as $575 mil globally. 007 is still #1 its second week out in at least 40 of the 50 territories where it’s in play. The $40.4 mil it generated from new openings beat the combined openings of Die Another Day in the same territories ($28 mil) by 44%. It held in the UK with $16.6 mil, just -24% off its launch the week before. Most of the new openings were the biggest for Bond ever. pierce.jpgGermany opened to $12 mil, France $8.4 mil, Spain $4 mil, Switzerland $3 mil, Denmark $2.5 mil, Sweden $2.1 mil, Holland $1.8 mil, Austria $1.6 mil, Norway $1.5 mil, Belgium $1.5 mil.  All-time opening rankings include Switzerland #3, Denmark #7, Norway and Finland #8, Sweden #10, Holland #12, Belgium #14. But Happy Feet is about to make major inroads. I hear that in Singapore, where Warner’s pengiun pic opened this weekend, holdover Bond moved down to #2. The spy vs spy news coming out of Britain and Russia and dominating global headlines will help Casino Royale‘s foreign biz. For the latest b.o. news, see my ‘Happy Feet’ No. 1, ‘Casino Royale’ No. 2; It’s ‘Deja Vu’ (#3)