Endeavor.jpgAt first it was a hot rumor. Now I have confirmation: Jennifer Gabler Rawlings, a motion picture talent agent at CAA and daughter of CAA partner Lee Gabler, arrived on Endeavor’s doorstep today. She worked closely with Endeavor partners Adam Venit and Patrick Whitesell when they were CAA agents. CAAInterior.jpgEveryone at Endeavor is thrilled, yada, yada. But, jeez, she’s Gabler’s daughter and now she’s working for the competition. So I’m hearing that TV macher Gabler will be announcing his retirement from CAA in the very near future. (No confirmation yet, however.) I do know that there has been some bad blood between Lee and CAA’s other partners who haven’t treated him very well for some time now. CAALogo-thumb.jpgGabler, a real human being as opposed to an automaton, is one of the greats whose class would be sorely missed. Right now, there’s a feeding frenzy between Endeavor and CAA for clients: CAA is circling the wagons, so it’s not certain that two clients most identifed as Rawlings — Rachel Weisz and Viggo Mortensen — will jump with her. Her Dad, long the head of the television division in its post-Bill Haber incarnation, jumped to CAA 23 years ago. His wife is Elizabeth Gabler, the president of Fox 2000.