UPDATE: Alec Baldwin Explains Why He’s Running From Arnold Documentary.

I’m told that Alec Baldwin is suddenly trying to run from his involvement with the documentary Running With Arnold. And those associated with the movie (a reportorial look at Schwarzenegger’s jump from actor to California governor) don’t know why cuz he’s not explaining. Baldwin was the big-name actor who replaced Richard Belzer as narrator. Hardly anyone has actually seen the near-finished film with Baldwin (though a really rough much earlier cut was shown to a few dozen people), yet The Governator’s supporters claim it’s a slam pic, while the filmmakers themselves claim it’s not. From the info I’ve gathered, it’s a critical look at how the heck this guy got to where he is today. Interesting that the producers didn’t get it out into theaters before the November 7th election. No matter its politics, sources tell me Baldwin did a great job narrating the movie. Besides, Baldwin is a progressive Democrat, right? Or is he suddenly being influenced by all those Hollywood Democrats turncoating to support Arnold? Or is he worried about the impact on his current gig as a star of the NBC sitcom 30 Rock? (The latter all the more interesting given NBC’s refusal to run the ad for the Dixie Chicks’ Shut Up & Sing because it disparages Dubya.) All I know is everyone associated with the documentary is perplexed by Baldwin’s sudden about-face, which unlike so many conflicts doesn’t have anything to do with money, I understand. But suddenly, this week, Baldwin’s people fired off a letter to the movie’s producers asking for the out. The documentary doesn’t have a distributor yet, but there’s a reworked and updated version out to the Industry.