Print media have gone Hollywood agency-crazy. Today, United Talent and ICM each get stories in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal respectively. Loser was the Los Angeles Times, which had a Business section story in-the-works on all the major agencies’ Internet biz — but then got beat by the NYT reporting just on UTA’s new dedicated online unit “devoted to scouting out up-and-coming creators of Internet content — particularly video — and finding work for them in Web-based advertising and entertainment, as well as in the older media.” Actually, all the major agencies are scouting the talent, just not as a dedicated unit. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of a softball plug. (Though the angry LAT reporter did rip UTA a new one this AM.) The Wall Street Journal piece is timed to, well, nothing. It first reads like a boring ICM history lesson and inexplicably waits until the 11th paragraph to talk about ICM’s $70 mil deal for TV powerhouse Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann Agency which it called a “solid start” to ICM’s turnaround after a period of problems. “So far this year, the two firms together have sold about 145 pilots into development, say ICM officials, and a new spirit of teamwork has helped Broder clients cross over into ICM projects and vice versa, they say.” The next media workups on agencies? I’m told both the Los Angeles Times and Variety are each working on agency film-financing stories.