Billionaire Ronald W. Burkle is scheduled to answer questions today regarding the strength of his multi-million dollar lawsuit against Michael Ovitz, according to the City News Service. The lawsuit, filed in February 2005, alleges Ovitz breached an oral agreement to share investment opportunities they were supposed to make jointly. Attorneys for Ovitz last week won an order from Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Soussan G. Brugera allowing them to question the former supermarket magnate in a deposition. The order was opposed by Burkle’s lawyer, who said she still needed access to investment and funding documents she requested from Ovitz’ lawyers so her client can look at them before he is deposed. Brugera granted part of this request for documents, but said the time had come for Burkle to sit down with Ovitz’ lawyers. Brugera also said she wants a face-to-face meeting between Burkle and Ovitz to take place in her courtroom, probably in the jury room. A date for the meeting is scheduled to be set Nov. 30.