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October 2006 Archive

UPDATE: Alec Baldwin Explains Why He's Running From Documentary On Arnold

In response to my posting on Friday Why Is Alec Running From Arnold?, Alec Baldwin today has explained in a HuffPo blog. One minute he’s narrating the doc Running With Arnold; the next minute he wants out. “I read the script and agreed to do the narration. I went to a studio here in NY and recorded the text to picture, which I had not seen before. The film’s producers had offered to screen the film for me, but I did not have time to see it. I based my decision on the… Read

Box Office

Dec. 8: Leo vs George, Cammy & Mel Now

How interesting that Warner Bros. has just moved up the release of Leo DiCaprio’s Blood Diamond from December 15th to December 8th. Usually, these dates are carefully calculated based on what else is opening, so making a last-minute change like this is unusual. Especially when director Ed Zwick, producer Paula Weinstein and others are huddled in London trying to put the finishing touches like music on the film. The studio, which has started showing it around, claims it… Read

Letterman Bests FNC Blowhard O'Reilly

I couldn’t believe what I was watching: there was Dave Letterman bitchslapping Fox News Channel blowhard Bill O’Reilly on The Late Show Friday night. It did my liberal soul proud. Full video here. But, then, I’ve written before about Letterman’s fearlessness when it comes to politics. In Dave The Brave (April 2004), I praised the TV host for having “the brass balls to go where the cowardly White House news corps and corporate suck-up Leno fear to tread: presenting Dubya… Read

Box Office

'Saw III' Cuts Thru Competition For #1; 'Departed' Up To #2 and 'Prestige' #3; Brad Pitt's 'Babel' Best $$$ Per Screen

SUNDAY AM: It turned out to be a big $100+ million weekend at the movies, up 10% over last year. Brad Pitt’s opener, Oscar contender Babel, had the best per screen average ($21,037 on Saturday, which sounds like people were sitting on laps!). But I hate when this happens: yet another horror movie made No. 1 at the box office this weekend as the studios knew it would (which is why it had no big rivals). I’m told that Lionsgate’s Saw III cut through the competition by… Read

Box Office

EXCLUSIVE: Russell Crowe's 'Good Year' Tracking Well Behind Will Ferrell's 'Stranger Than Fiction' for Nov. 10

They’re both very strange movies competing head-on the weekend of November 10th. But when it comes to early tracking, I’m told that Fox’s A Good Year starring Russell Crowe (who’s been off the screen for a while) isn’t firing. But Mandate/Sony’s Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell (hot off Talladega Nights), is smokin’. (As one of my esteemed colleagues just emailed me when he read this post: “Hide all the telephones and tell all the hotel workers to strap on… Read

Actor Michael J. Fox vs Rush Limbaugh; Could It Be About Nixon And Reagan?

I don’t see how Republicans, through their radio pit bull Rush Limbaugh, thought they could win with the electorate by impugning the integrity of one of the most beloved TV and movie actors, Michael J. Fox, now afflicted from Parkinson’s Disease. Have they forgotten that this little guy played a rabid right-winger on his megahit TV series, Family Ties? Of course, by now, everyone knows that Fox appeared in a political ad for Democrat candidate Claire McCaskill in her… Read

UPDATED: Now Harvey Can't Get NBC To Run Ad For Dixie Chicks' 'Shut Up & Sing'; Claims NBC Said It Disparages Dubya

Here’s yet another reason why the FCC needs to crack down on Big Media so it can’t become Monstrous Media. First it was Fox, CNN and NPR refusing to run ads for the Newmarket film Death of a President (opens this weekend) showing the fictional assassination of Dubya. Now, it’s NBC refusing to air ads for a Dixie Chicks’ documentary on, irony of ironies, freedom of speech. The cynical among us might see this as a novel promotional campaign in that today’s news helps the… Read

Madonna's Malawian Kiddie Book PR Tour

I find it fascinating that, in all this incredible and incredulous publicity being generated by Madonna and her attempt to adopt that 13-month-old Malawian boy, almost no media outlets have mentioned this happens to coincide with the publication of her latest kids’ book, The English Roses: Too Good To Be True. With a publishing date of October 24th — two days ago — it just happened that the Queen of Self-Promotion fighting back tears on Oprah wasn’t exactly an impromptu… Read

Box Office

EXCLUSIVE: Bond vs Birds Will Be BIG; Early Tracking Shows 'Casino Royale' & 'Happy Feet' Running Neck-And-Neck

Both films are opening wide on November 17th. But Hollywood couldn’t be pitting two more different films against each other. I’m told the early tracking has just shown up for James Bond vs. The Birds — and they’re running neck-and-neck in their box office race. The good news for both pics is that .007 and the penguins have “the highest awareness of any movie this far out since the summer films,” one of my box office gurus told me this morning. The tracking shows that… Read