I’m told that Viacom executive chairman and founder Sumner Redstone was so effin’ eager to fire Tom Freston that the big boss spent the day frantically looking for his underling in order to invite him up to his Beverly Park mansion in that fancy schmancy gated community in the Hollywood Hills for a not-so-cozy chat. So it wasn’t until almost nightfall when Sumner kicked Tom Two (as not Cruise) to the curb. Nice, huh. The old coot couldn’t wait for the door to hit Freston in the ass after 26 years. Yet he has the nerve to tell analysts today, “Last night, when we met, we assured each other we would remain the social friends we have always been.” Yeah, maybe on Mars. Back on Earth, Redstone can express all the confidence in the world that his company’s stock will rise in the wake of the changes. But investors sent the share price down 5.6%, making it the day’s worst S&P 500 performer.

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