So Amy Pascal today was named co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and extended her employment contract to infinity. Well, until 2011. Wait a minute. I was told this was supposed to happen last year. In fact, right around the time Sony was having a disastrous Summer 2005 and making bombs like Bewitched and weathering all that bad press. Guess it takes a full year to be forgiven. (Hear that, Alan Horn?) No matter, this summer Sony had a swell box office. Amy, who’ll continue to serve as chairman of the studio’s Motion Picture Group, still has as boss Michael Lynton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment. (Now I gotta ask: What next for Jeff Blake? After all, he’s the best in the business. Maybe he’ll get a brass plaque or a muffin basket.) The press release blathers on, pointing out that, during the past five years combined, no studio has performed better in North America than Sony Pictures Entertainment. Since January, 2002, the studio has released 37 #1 films. Sony was #1 in market share in 2002 and 2004 and was #2 in 2003. Sony is the only studio to exceed the $6 billion dollar mark in domestic box office sales between 2002 and 2006. To date this year, Sony has released 8 #1 films, including The Da Vinci Code, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Click, RV, Pink Panther, Silent Hill, Underworld: Evolution and When A Stranger Calls. The studio has exceeded more than $1 billion in North American ticket sales for five consecutive years, a record matched by only one other studio in the history of domestic box office. That was Warner Bros. And look at where they are now. Bottom-feeding.