You’d think that with the Abramoff scandal heating up again, a failed war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and New Orleans still reeling, the GOP would have better things to focus on before the midterm elections. But no. The attack machine known as the Republican National Committee is attempting to blacklist The View‘s Rosie O’Donnell for recently expressing her opinions. Uh, Earth to GOP: That’s what The View is all about. “Dems ‘Rosie’ view on the war on terror. Cut-and-run Defeatocrats across the country take their cues from Hollywood friends and advisors,” the RNC website ridiculously claims, then proceeds to pile on O’Donnell. This, even though her anti-Iraq war stance is expressed by a majority of Americans, according to recent polling. Also attacked was O’Donnell’s right to contribute political donations to the campaigns of Democratic candidates like Connecticut’s Ned Lamont, Ohio’s Sherrod Brown, Washington’s Maria Cantwell, Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey, Illinois’ Tammy Duckworth, and so on. Given how juvenile this GOP jeer is, no one could possibly take it seriously. Except ABC, which, after all, just carried the Bush administration’s water by airing that conservative-concocted The Path to 9/11 docusham, and docushame. (See my latest LA Weekly column, The Mouse Who Whored). Clearly, the GOP’s intent is to get ABC to fire newcomer-to-the-network, O’Donnell, or, barring that, muzzle her. Yet I find it interesting that the Republicans stayed mum when another Hollywood celebrity last week went on NBC’s The Tonight Show and used it as a staging area to express at length his own non-centric political views. That’s because CBS’ Shark star James Woods, while advocating racial profiling in airports and on planes, was parroting the Bush administration’s extreme right-wing scare tactics. And actor Ron Silver’s GOP huckstering earned him an invitation in April to a White House luncheon in honor of Chinese President Hu Jintao. Then again, the RNC, when it damns Hollywood celebrities for expressing their political views, makes exceptions for stars who lean right.