What a convenient time for Brian Grazer to be off vacationing with family and out of touch with his office and reporters. But not out of touch with his Hollywood pals, thankfully. I’m told that the Imagine uber-producer is disputing to friends ever “making a congratulatory call” to Viacom Inc Chairman Sumner Redstone for dumping Tom Cruise’s Paramount production deal, as the octogenarian claimed to the media. I’ve learned that Grazer is quietly explaining that he simply called Redstone “to ask what’s going on.” Redstone is now in a lot of hot water with Grazer for putting the producer in a lot of hot water with talent. As one Grazer intimate told me today, “anyone would be shocked to see a private phone call ever discussed publicly, much less reported in The New York Times.” (The Los Angeles Times also had this.) It does seem a little counter-intuitive for Grazer to be lovin’ Sumner’s cost-cuttin’ — especially when Grazer himself makes studio perks a priority. On the other hand, let’s not forget that Cruise’s Far and Away was a big-budget box office failure for Imagine. Oh, and in case you were wondering whether David Geffen also disputes making a congratulatory call to Redstone, as the media also quoted Sumner claiming. In fact, Geffen, whose Interview With The Vampire starred Cruise and whose Dreamworks is now based at Viacom’s Paramount, has been siding with Sumner in every heated Hollywood discussion about Redstone’s are-you-shitting-me trashing of Tom.

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