No, I didn’t write this: I received this in my email and found it amusing. In the interest of fairness, send me fake trade articles, emails or internal memos for CAA or ICM or Endeavor or United Talent, and I’ll post the best one for each agency. Labor Day lazy days, right?

WMA To Open Dubai Office

by Colom Asiseeum, Variety International

In what many in Hollywood are calling a surprising move, the venerable ten percentery, William Morris Agency, announced today that later this fall it would open the first branch office of an American based talent agency in the Arab world. “Times are changing,” said Morris’ COO Irv Weintraub. “1.2 billion Muslims want to be entertained and we are in a unique position to make that happen. After all, we once represented Omar Sharif, Maria “Midnight at the Oasis” Muldaur, Sabu and Arthur Sarkissian. No other Hollywood agency has the plethora of experience in the region that we do.” “Things are already jumping.” Weintraub went on to say. “We are bringing Stanley Donen out of retirement to direct an all-women-in-burqas production of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” at the Magic Carpet Dinner Theater in Riyadh which will star David Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff is huge in the Arab world.” After a brief pause Weintraub corrected himself saying, “Actually in Germany but many Germans vacation in the region and that is important too.” Additionally Weintraub says they are booking Michelle Kwan’s “Arabian Nights On Ice” tour and have scheduled Michelle Wie for 18 holes of golf in Dubai in late 2009. Wei will also attend the opening of a Zales Jewelry store while in Dubai. Perhaps one of the oddest aspects of this venture is that William Morris will be staffing the office entirely with former employees. Below, Weintraub is seen photographing his crew, from left to right, Bobbi Thompson, Elaine Goldsmith, Toni Howard, Joan Hyler and Risa Shapiro (or maybe it’s Arnold Stiefel…We’re just not sure.):