My latest lalogo.gif column, Too Fast And Too Furious, applies not just to Mel Gibson, but sanctimonious Hollywood, too. Many may think I hold a controversial opinion about this, but it’s mine and I’m entitled to it. And you’re entitled to disagree. Here’s how it starts out:

Where is the Hollywood outrage? Where is the industrywide condemnation? No, I’m not talking about Mel Gibson’s drunken anti-Semitic slurs. I’m talking about the Lionsgate scandal. Its ads for its slasher flick opening this weekend set a new low by boasting — yes, boasting — about how this movie is way more disgusting than anything the studio has previously brought to the big screen. “People are concerned that the amount of blood and gore in horror films goes too far,” the deep-voiced announcer intones, barely heard above the barrage of shrieks and moans. “On August 4, the studio that brought you Saw and Hostel goes over the edge. The Descent, rated R.”

“Instead, the movie biz is consumed by the scandal of a dwarfish über-Catholic bigot with a fondness for blonde fans. Why, I haven’t witnessed so many power players this quick to kick a confessed alcoholic when he’s down and out, since, well, never. A guy who relapsed and drove near 90 miles an hour because he felt suicidal and wanted to wrap himself around a telephone pole (or so one of his intimates spun it to me), and who, when a Sheriff’s deputy put an end to his death wish, said venomous stuff he’s copped to and apologized for.

“Hop on the bandwagon, Hollywood. The queue to put your name to your demonstrations of heartfelt sanctimoniousness forms here. You may even get a prominent Los Angeles Times columnist to declare you his hero. Oh, there’s just one thing before you sign up to speak out: Just make sure you’re not a hypocrite…” Continued here.