So this is the fab Republican “friend” whom Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Haim Saban and some other so-called Hollywood Democrats are financially and politically supporting in this November’s California gubernatorial election? Media reports today say Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally settled that lawsuit brought by Anna Richardson, the British TV host who accused the actor of groping her and two of his top political aides of later smearing her reputation because she came after him. Let’s not forget that one of those aides, Sean Walsh, played a pivotal role in that horrible mess involving Los Angeleno stuntwoman Rhonda Miller who also dared to come forward before 2003’s recall election and accuse Schwarzenegger of groping her. Here’s my 2003 LA Weekly “Deadline Hollywood” column with the details about it, Arnold’s True Lies. As everyone knows, the burden to prove libel is lower in the British courts than in U.S. courts. Miller wasn’t as successful with her libel lawsuit: it was dismissed by a Los Angeles judge.

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