This may set a new low in the scandal of credits gone wild in the movie biz. The Weinstein Company is boasting about creating a unique partnership between Clerks 2 and MySpace whereby the first 10,000 people who linked a designated page to their friends list would be permanently added to the ending credits of the film. This could very well be the most insulting thing I’ve ever heard, a huge diss, to anyone who’s ever legitimately earned a credit on a film. It’s the sort of shenanigan that, if the guilds in this town had spines, they should stop immediately.

Back to TWC, a recent PR release exults: “Willing to take risks, the Weinsteins have consistently been the film industry’s early adopters in their use of specialized marketing and distribution strategies, individually tailoring each film’s release to suit its particular strengths. Most recently, The Weinstein Company, embraced rich media/online video with a ground breaking presence on YouTube for the respective launches of Lucky Number Slevin, and hotly anticipated Clerks II.” Yeah, we saw what that promotion did for those movies’ bottom-line: Slevin made a pathetic $22 million, and Clerks 2 is well on its way to more failure. The Weinstein Company also has significantly invested in SmallWorld, billed as “the world’s most exclusive online social network that brings together highly influential people from all over the globe.” Meanwhile, Harv will be interviewed by Charlie Ross at this year’s MIXX 2.6 confab and expo held Sept. 25-26.