While cleaning out my email “in” box, I found this video clip sent by a pal. Pardon me if you’ve already seen it (though people are telling me they haven’t). I find it hysterically accurate about The Biz: Snakes on a Plane: How Hollywood Really Works. Meanwhile, New Line’s PR/marketing department is working overtime on this movie. I’ve rarely read so much incessant blog chatter, and so early, about what is essentially just another over-hyped horror movie. I couldn’t care less if the flick’s good or bad. What interests me is that so many fine actors — Samuel Jackson, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Connolly, Nicole Kidman (albeit hers was a classy one) — have lined up to do this genre. Especially when Steve McQueen spent his career running away from The Blob. I’ve been hearing from agents that everyone wants to make anything horror. My best guess as to why? They think they’ll make a connection with the younger audiences who turn out for these kind of films so that, when these stars do their normally serious films, maybe the new fans will follow. Fat chance.