The Los Angeles Times is LOVING this. Ergo today’s down’n’dirty story claiming a New York Times contract writer showed her lawyer’s ID instead of her reporter’s credential in order to speak with Anthony Pellicano in jail. The NYT denies it but confirmed to the LAT that Allison Hope Weiner is permanently barred from the facility. (The NYT is appealing.) The LAT article by Chuck Philips, the Pulitzer prize-winning staff writer who’s been scooped again and again on the Pellicano scandal by Weiner, takes no prisoners. “The Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles has barred a New York Times reporter from the facility for allegedly misrepresenting herself in an effort to interview Anthony Pellicano. Allison Hope Weiner, who has written about the Pellicano case, got into the jail last month after presenting a State Bar of California card and asking to speak with the investigator. Weiner, who earned a degree 20 years ago from the USC law school, is registered with the California bar but has never done legal work for Pellicano or the New York Times.” For security reasons, no one can visit Pellicano except his lawyer or immediate family. But the LAT says Weiner on June 14th was admitted to a room in the jail where prisoners meet with their lawyers. “Guards brought Pellicano from his cell to the meeting room, but he refused to talk to Weiner after learning that she was a reporter.” Oh, and just in case you gave a rat’s ass how he felt about this scandal, Pellicano told the LAT through his lawyer he was “outraged.”