Aviv1.jpgHere’s an update to my Hollywood Reacts To Gibson Slur Scandal posting: newly promoted president of production for Walt Disney Pictures Oren Aviv visited the set of Mel Gibson’s in-the-works movie Apocalpto months ago and came back singing its praises and predicting Oscar consideration. So it stands to reason that he’s now telling Slate‘s Kim Masters: “I’ve worked with Mel on several films over the years and we have a great relationship. We all make mistakes and I’ve accepted his apology to what was a regrettable situation. I wish him the very best on his path to healing.” It appears that Aviv’s Disney, through its Buena Vista arm, will continue with plans to distribute Gibson’s forthcoming film, Apocalpto. Interestingly, the movie was supposed to be released August 4th but was moved to a December 8th release. Shooting on the film ended in June after what was described as mounting delays. But, in a May Entertainment Weekly article quoting Aviv, Disney was said to “remain upbeat about the project, which reportedly costs less than $50 million. ‘Mel showed us footage that blew us away,’ says Oren Aviv, Disney’s [then] chief creative officer who traveled to the set in March. ‘Apocalpto has the chance to get critical recognition.'” Which means Oscar notice. But now? Stay tuned. Still, Aviv has guts to publicly make a statement on this.

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