“Swing by my condo tonight, Tom. We’re watching all the X-rated movies my MPAA wouldn’t let anyone see.”

Tom Brokaw, right, former anchor of NBC News, throws an arm around Jack Valenti, former chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., Friday.Photo

“I’m outta here. These mogul morons can’t even remember my name.”

Actor Tom Hanks leaves a session, Thursday.

“Hey, I’m standing next to Jackie Chan. Wait, wait, it’s I.M. Pei. Wait, wait, it’s Kim Il-Sung…”

Rupert Murdoch, left, chairman of News Corp., chats on a phone as Ngima Lama walks past with floral arrangements, Thursday.

“I said ‘AOL is gonna be free,’ not ‘Cable is gonna be free.’ We’re still gonna gouge you for that.'”

Dick Parsons, chairman and CEO of Time Warner Inc., chats with a reporter, Thursday.

“Les, you’re putting me in an awkward position here. I don’t think enough people want The Moonves Channel featuring all your upfront films.”

Steve Burke, left, president and CEO of Comcast Corp., chats with Leslie Moonves, president and CEO of CBS Corp., Thursday.

“Die already, Rupert! Before your idiot sons get old enough to run News Corp.”

Peter Chernin, president of News Corp., heads to the morning session, Thursday.

“Can’t you tell? I’m doing my best David Schwimmer impression. Howard said this was dress-as-your-favorite-star night.”

Rob Wiesenthal, executive vice president and CFO of Sony Corp. of America, walks to the morning session, Thursday.