Bernie Weinraub, one of Pellicano’s victims, rants wryly on The Huffington Post today about Ken Aulleta’s New Yorker article about the P.I., Fields and Ovitz. (That story is not online. See my New Yorker’s Auletta On Pellicano Probe: Interviews Bert Fields & Mike Ovitz.) “The article is really funny,” Weinraub gripes. “Fields and Ovitz are such pussycats here. They are shocked, shocked, that their friend Anthony would have done all those terrible things that the prosecutors said he did … And we are supposed to believe this bullshit?” Since Sunday, I’ve been hearing from Hollywood types who were very disappointed by Auletta’s tepid piece. They expected him to advance the Pellicano probe; he didn’t at all. They were especially shocked that he let Ovitz off the hook.