There goes the neighborhood. From today’s Lloyd Grove of the New York Daily News: “Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel – the brash, crass, fast-talking model for the brash, crass, fast-talking character in the HBO hit Entourage – has been ruffling feathers this summer in the understated little beach community of Watch Hill, R.I. ‘He wears skintight, black-and-hot pink golf clothes – like really high-tech, long-sleeved black Nike tops,’ a Watch Hill denizen confided to Lowdown after observing Emanuel’s flashy West Coast ways. ‘I saw him golfing in a porkpie hat one time. This is the kind of place he would blend in if he wore madras on the course. He sticks out like a sore thumb.’ The amused Watch Hiller went on: ‘He drives around in a silver minivan. He’s also always on his phone headset. The golf course changed their cell phone rules because of him. He would always be on the headset on the driving range.’ The golfing establishment now strictly enforces a cell phone prohibition. The 45-year-old Emanuel – who reps Michael Moore, Martin Scorsese, Larry David and Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg – used to rep Entourage star Jeremy Piven, who plays the relentless 10-percenter Ari Gold in the series. Emanuel vacations in tiny Watch Hill, which dates back to the 1600s, because the family of his wife, Sarah Addington, has a summer home there. Over the Fourth of July weekend, he displayed his virtuosity as a multitasker. ‘He was on the beach, shirtless, doing yoga stretching poses,’ a witness said. ‘He was holding out a book in his right hand while he went from one pose to the other – like no one else was around.’ A spokesman for Emanuel declined to comment.”

C’mon, doesn’t Ari’s behavior sound like every other Hollywooder you know?