Don’t fret, Forrest! I’m told that Sony’s Da Vinci Code is now Tom Hanks’ biggest movie at the box office, passing his previous record-setter Forrest Gump from Paramount. Reportedly, the actor’s salary for the religious thriller was $18 million, plus a perk of profit participation. According to data banks, Hanks made $70 mil from Forrest Gump in gross and profit participation; $40 mil from Dreamworks / Paramount’s Saving Private Ryan including gross and profit participation, $20 mil from Warner Bros.’ The Green Mile and $20 mil from 20th Century Fox’s Castaway. It’s important to remember that Hanks took a big gamble with his payday for 1994’s Forrest. It was reported extensively at the time that, before the cameras started to roll, Hanks agreed to take a lower salary upfront in return for a bigger share of the back end (first-dollar gross). Quite a risk, considering this was considered a quirky film that took nine years to get made. Paramount Pictures was balking at its $50 million budget. (That seems like a bargain budget now, eh?) The studio asked producers Steven Tisch and Wendy Finerman for $10 million in cuts. Under the original deal, Hanks was to be paid $7 million in upfront salary, the highest single line item for the movie. So the actor agreed to, in Hollywood parlance, “defer” a portion of his fees in return for a formula-based share of the box office. Director Robert Zemeckis also took the same bet. Both ended up winning big paydays.

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