UPDATED: Pellicano Sings To LA Times

I’ve heard rumors for months that Anthony Pellicano has been secretly singing like a canary for the feds. But people who know Pellicano have been telling me he hasn’t flipped. but the LAT story only echoes what the Daily Journal legal newspaper’s John Hanusz already reported that knocks down the warbling rumors. “Despite efforts by authorities over the years to entice Pellicano to cooperate, he has steadfastly declined. ‘The message coming from Mr. Pellicano is clear: He is unequivocal and unwavering in his refusal to cooperate,’ Pellicano’s defense attorney Steven Gruel said. Although prosecutors visited the private eye in prison to discuss cooperation before unsealing the indictment, Gruel said they have made no overtures lately.'”

UPDATE: On Sunday (June 11), Anthony Pellicano told the LA Times by telephone from the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles last week “that he would never cooperate with authorities or testify against a bevy of A-list lawyers, Hollywood executives, business moguls and celebrities who have hired him over the years to dig up dirt on their adversaries. ‘My loyalty never dies. You’re not going to see me take the stand against the clients and employees and other people that are going to be testifying against me. I didn’t rat them out. You understand? I am never going to besmirch a client or any other person that I gave my trust to or who gave their trust to me. I’m never going to do that. I am going to be a man until I fall — if, in fact, that happens.'”