According to his jailhouse phone interview with the Los Angeles Times, Anthony Pellicano tries to keep busy in “the joint” by playing chess, reading books on mathematics, doing mind puzzlers, and working on his legal case. He complained that he’s broke and his family is suffering. But he tells the young inmates imprisoned on drug charges, “You got to pay for your sins. That’s the way it works in this life. You always pay for your mistakes, no matter what you’ve done, little or big, grand or minute, you’re going to pay for your sins, one way or another. But to the extent that these young guys are paying it is outrageous.” In 2003, Pellicano was sentenced to 30 months at the Taft Correctional Institute, a federal prison in Taft, Calif., after FBI agents found two hand grenades and plastic explosives in his office safe. He is awaiting trial scheduled for this October on new wiretapping and related charges.