Uh, it’s not like anyone actually expected Anthony Pellicano to confess. Still, in a jailhouse phone interview with the Los Angeles Times, Pellicano denied ordering the threat against entertainment journalist Anita Busch. “Anybody knows that there is no way in the world that I am going to tell somebody to put a flower and a fish on somebody’s car with a sign that says ‘Stop.’ C’mon,” Pellicano said. “You know the kind of guy I am. If I got a problem with you, I’m in your face.” Actually, the government claims it was strong-arm guy Alex Proctor who menaced Busch, who at the time was working as a contract writer for the Los Angeles Times. Proctor was accused of placing a dead fish, a rose and a one-word note reading “Stop” on Busch’s vandalized car windshield. Proctor eventually told authorities he’d been hired by Pellicano. Both men have been charged with threatening the reporter. Then, last month, the feds accused accused the P.I. of plotting a mob hit on Proctor to prevent him from testifying. Pellicano characterized that charge, and other accusations of other threats, as “little stunts to make my life miserable” thought up by the U.S. government against him. Busch, who left journalism because of the incident, is suing.