Here’s the latest summer movie tracking news: I’m told Sony’s Click will become No. 1 at the box office and hit the so-called “Adam Sandler sweet spot” of at least $40-$45 mil its opening weekend. The bigger news I’ve learned is that Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (opening July 7th) now has the highest combination of “definite interest” and “first choice” ever tracked by the research groups. That backs up my previous reporting that this Disney blockbuster is gonna blow everything else out of the water. (See Pirates 2 Biggest Opening Ever) But the biggest news I’ve got is that Superman Returns is gaining strength in all quadrants. (For weeks, Warner Bros. execs have been covered in flop sweat.) Remember I told you previously that Superman Returns was not tracking well enough to rival X-Men 3‘s big box office opening? Since then, wanna-see has picked up considerably among men of all ages. Still, the Wednesday (June 28th) opening makes its Fourth of July holiday weekend total tough to call. Spiderman 2 opened on the Wednesday before July 4th and did $40 mil that first day and went on to make $88 mil Friday-Saturday-Sunday for a cume of $192 mil Wednesday-through-Tuesday. The experts tell me that’s probably an unreachable goal for Superman Returns, but the movie should haul in about 2/3 of that. Spiderman 2 ended up taking in $370 mil, so Superman Returns has to do at least $250 mil to avoid humiliation. (Especially considering the film’s production budget was at least $210 mil, though insiders tell me it’s probably sped past $250 mil by now.) The other movie opening that weekend, Fox’s The Devil Wears Prada (June 30th) is tracking well with older females.