All the talk about gay Superman (myself included) and the new lesbian Batwoman reminds me of the life-imitating-art plotline on Showtime’s Queer As Folk in which teen artist Justin and superhero fan Michael co-create a sexually-explicit underground comic book named “Rage” starring a gay crusader inspired by hot guy Brian. Which leads me to wonder what happens to the careers of actors paid to play gay, like Gale Harold who portrayed Brian to perfection on QAF and sprawled across the 2003 cover of Vanity Fair for its Gay TV issue. Well, 20th Century Fox was savvy enough to cast him as the lead of its new Fox series Vanished which airs Mondays at 9 this fall. Harold is certain to become Network TV’s newest heartthrob because of this taut drama (touted to me as 24 with more soap opera) playing the senior FBI agent investigating the kidnapping of a prominent U.S. senator’s wife which widens into a major conspiracy. He’s been in several indies, and he’ll appear in the upcoming 3rd season of HBO’s Deadwood, but why Gale isn’t a major movie star bewilders me.