I’m told that Da Vinci Code is still red hot overseas and set another benchmark: passing The Passion of the Christ globally with $642 million compared to $623 million, making Sony’s religious thriller the 26th biggest all-time hit. As far as foreign box office, all the Hollywood studios expected deep slides because of the ongoing World Cup action. But Da Vinci added another $22 mil internationally, making it the #1 movie for the fourth week in a row and putting its foreign take at over $453 million. In the U.S., Da Vinci mustered 6th place with slightly less $10.3 mil for a domestic cumulative of $189.0 mil, which is still far less than Mel Gibson’s religious homage took in from American moviegoers. But Da Vinci‘s $189 mil domestic/$453 mil foreign winning formula proved enough to surge past Passion‘s $370 mil domestic/$253 mil foreign.

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