3rd Update: *So here’s one for the record books! The superhero movie X-Men 3: The Last Stand had a superheroic gross of $120.1 million for the biggest opening ever for a U.S. Memorial Weekend. The comic book franchise also posted the 4th best three-day opening ever and second-biggest one-day gross ever on Friday. Needless to say, 20th Century Fox was super-delirious over the box office, which far exceeded their expectations for the holiday.*

2nd UPDATE: *X-Men 3 boasted the fourth biggest U.S. opening weekend of all time behind only Spider-Man, two Star Wars, and Shrek 2. But Da Vinci Code continued to surpass X-M3 overseas ($91 mil to $76 mil) and will hit the magic $500 million mark worldwide later this week. Domestically, the 20th Century Fox comic book movie grossed $107 million dollars, after earning an estimated $45.5 mil on Friday, $32 mil on Saturday and $29 mil on Sunday. Sony’s religious thriller stayed steady, earning $10.2 mil for Friday, $12.4 mil Saturday and $10.8 mil Sunday, for a 3-day second-weekend-out total of $136 mil. To date, Da Vinci has racked up over $465 mil worldwide since opening a little more than a week ago, $320 mil of it from international. The foreign front was bolstered by huge holds in Europe and Japan. Belgium was down only 2% from its opening weekend, Holland just 9%, Germany 18%, Japan 19%, and France 30%. Before Da Vinci opened, Sony execs were praying for a $500 mil summer. Now, they’re doing that boffo box office by the end of Week #2.*

1st UPDATE: *Saturday saw X-Men 3‘s U.S. box office take go down almost 30% from Friday to $31 million for a still very impressive $75.9 mil earned so far this Memorial Weekend. But Da Vinci Code‘s haul went up from Friday to Saturday’s $12.4 million, earning an impressive $125 mil domestically in just 9 days out. Again, Sony’s Da Vinci outshone 20th Century Fox’s X-Men 3 internationally. Da Vinci fell just 40% overseas to a whopping $92 mil over its second weekend. In Japan, the film fell only 19%.*

20th Century Fox’s X-Men 3 opened record-breaking big in U.S. markets, earning a staggering $44.1 million just on Friday making it the second highest opener of all time right behind Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. But Sony’s Da Vinci Code was bigger overseas even on its second weekend out. Though X-Men 3 was opening in 90% of foreign territories this weekend, I’m told all of Europe except the UK still belongs to Da Vinci where it remains No. 1 in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Holland and Switzerland. India finally received its legal certificate to release DVC and the film opened in first position in the market. In the U.S., Da Vinci earned a respectable $10.2 mil domestically on Friday, putting its total American take at $112.7 mil going into Saturday. Dreamworks / Paramount’s Over the Hedge occupied the third U.S. spot, with a Friday take of $7.5 mil. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’s MI3 continues to bum out Paramount; it’s only sqeaked by $100 mil domestically (even though it was doing better internationally until Da Vinci swamped it), not even what it cost to make.