So Premiere mag is out with the 2006 Power List. Read the details elsewhere, because Hollywood Power Lists make me puke. (Years ago, when I was West Coast editor of the New York Observer, I compiled a “Finke List” of influence in Hollywood which I still feel is a much more telling way of looking at showbiz.) But let’s get real. Power Lists are meaningless because they’re manipulated by magazines to suit their profit purposes and by publicists to soothe their bosses’/clients’ egos. And by the marketing department to score some free publicity, which Premiere is in desperate need of since nobody I know thinks it’s still in business. I’m told the mag’s editors and writers use the Power List to get that needed facetime during office sitdowns with the power players. That entrée fuels articles and covers for the next year. And, about the covers, this is why movie stars are given ridiculously high placements and praises. Yet missing are most of those other important cogs in the wheel that make Hollywood go round, like attorneys, talent managers and business advisers. Ugh.