The authorative Media Industry Newsletter, via, tells us What Media CEOs Took Home in 2005. According to Forbes in the new May 8th issue, chief executives from the 500 biggest publicly held U.S. companies earned a combined $5.4 billion last year. That’s a modest 6% “raise” after a whopping +54% in 2004. Here are the different calculations for some media company CEOs’ earnings including salary + bonus + long-term compensation + cashed stock options for 2005. Think about this the next time you have to search your car seats for loose change for that latte:

Michael Eisner (Disney) $10.112 million-to-$10.278 million range

Jeffrey Immelt (GE/NBC-Universal) $15.413 mil-to-$24.724 mil

Mark Mays (Clear Channel) $6.719 mil-to-$6.736 mil

Rupert Murdoch (News Corp.) $23.399 mil

Dick Parsons (Time Warner) $12.220 mil