Oh, please tell me that Brad Grey, the Paramount Pictures boss, has a better defense at the ready beyond this:

In today’s Newsweek, Johnny Roberts writes that, “Even if there were a risk of criminal charges against Grey, time may be on his side. Business associates of his tell Newsweek that they’ve been advised that the statute of limitations has run out on any possible misconduct related to Pellicano’s work on Grey’s behalf. Because of the sensitive nature of the case, all asked not to be identified. Among their charges in Pellicano’s 110-count indictment, prosecutors accuse him of bugging the phones of Vincent Zenga, a producer of Scary Movie, five years ago. Zenga was then suing another of the producers, Grey, whose lawyer brought in Pellicano. Responding to Newsweek, a Paramount spokesperson said, ‘The government has always said that Mr. Grey is only a potential witness in the case, so there has been no reason for his attorneys to focus on the statute of limitations.’ ”