How interesting that Nick Denton has been called “the Rupert Murdoch of the blogosphere.” Now Nick has responded to me about today’s Business Week Online report speculating that Rupert Murdoch’s aggressive web acquisition division, Fox Interactive Media, next may try to buy Denton’s Gawker Media empire (Gawker, Defamer, Wonkette, Gizmodo, Sploid etc.). The magazine pointed out that FIM likes sites that generate lots of page views, and it likes user-generated content, so Gawker Media fits into that strategy. But it “wouldn’t be cheap, and it’s not clear that FIM is still inclined to continue spending at its scorching pace of last year.” So what does Denton tell me? “I hang out sometimes with Jeremy Philips from News Corp., but the most he’s ever bought me is a drink.”

Meanwhile, itself posts this: “There’s been email all afternoon. So, let’s be clear. ‘Total bullshit, per usual,’ as one of our bosses put it. And, while we wouldn’t at all put it past the bosses to lie to us when convenient, in this case we’re inclined to believe them. So you may stop speculating now. Thank you.” Rupert’s News Corp. has already spent a total of $1.3 billion buying Internet companies since last year. Its biggest purchase, at $580 million, was MySpace. It also bought gaming company IGM and sports site Fox. And just yesterday FIM acquired Newroo and kSolo to help expand its online operations. FIM is likely to make several more online acquisitions over the next few months, the mag says. (NYO‘s profile of Denton, The Gawker King.)