Not just New York Times journalists are feeling the heat about the source of those “government evidence” leaks in the Pellicano scandal. So are the feds. I’m told that Brad Grey, Mike Ovitz and Ron Meyer — either phoning or writing themselves or letting their reps handle it — have let the FBI/U.S. Attorney’s Office know they’re mad as hell about the leaking of what is tantamount to their confidential FBI and grand jury testimony and aren’t going to take it anymore. Of course, exactly what recourse they have is a big question mark. I’m told one FBI guy responded on the phone that every effort is being made to find the leaker/s, yet did not finger-point at defense attorneys. It’s hardly surprising the Hollywood guys would get so angry by the leaking; after all, they’re so accustomed to controlling their press coverage.

By the way, we glean a little more info about the nature of those leaks of confidential investigative documents through this NYT correction that was overlooked this week: “Because of an editing error, an article in Business Day on Monday about the friendship between Ron Meyer, president of Universal Studios, and Anthony Pellicano, the private detective accused of wiretapping and conspiracy, referred imprecisely to the sources on which the article was based. It was based on government evidence, including written summaries of interviews by F.B.I. agents with witnesses in the case, not on interviews with F.B.I. agents.”  Clearly, the FBI/US Attorney’s Office would have the actual interview s and not bother with “summaries.”

For background, this LA Times story and my own Pellicano Prosecutor Probes NYT Leaks.