Hollywood’s penchant for doing things on a larger-than-life scale is obviously infectious. Those Pellicano threats from prison are getting bigger and bolder as the P.I. makes his way up the food chain: now he’s allegedly menacing FBI agents and the lead prosecutor, assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel A. Saunders, according to federal evidence cited by today’s New York Times. I gotta say, more and more, the dialogue in this case reads like one of those old George Raft flicks. There’s Pellicano, during a jailhouse conversation in May 2005, railing against the FBI agents who were searching a storage unit where he had locked away a computer and a cache of disks, the NYT reports: “In a summary, [FBI agent Stan] Ornellas wrote: ‘Pellicano said if he could, he would douse ‘them’ with gasoline and set them on fire and after they were burning, he would pour more gasoline on them.'” The “them” in this case were G-men. On one occasion, Pellicano described seeing “images of being in a courtroom and lunging across a table towards Saunders.” And, on another, Pellicano vowed one day to “take Saunders’s life like he took mine,” according to Ornellas’s notes quoted by the NYT.