This is why I love covering showbiz…You can take Iraqi War documentarian Pat Dollard out of Hollywood. But you can’t take Hollywood out of the former agent/manager. Over the weekend, I emailed him the opening numbers on Da Vinci Code because, “Hey, you may be witnessing horrific war, but you’ll always want to know box office.” To which he responded, after thanking me, “Fuckin ‘a’.”

For the latest on the Dollard Watch, including the newest gory photo from his Iraqi sojourn, see today’s Hollywood Interrupted posting. Sharon Waxman, Hollywood correspondent of The New York Times, recently wrote about Dollard’s Iraqi odyssey for the paper of record, and clearly Dollard wasn’t thrilled with it. (Neither was webmaster Mark Ebner.) Meanwhile, Generation Kill author and freelance journalist Evan Wright has been working for months on a Dollard profile for Vanity Fair. Interestingly enough, Waxman wrote about Wright for the NYT when his book came out. I’m still waiting to hear where and when Dollard’s documentary will air. According to Waxman, HBO already nixed it. Speaking of HBO, it debuted Baghdad E.R. last night in the coveted Entourage time slot before The Sopranos. Powerful stuff.